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AFRICAN BAT CONSERVATION (ABC) offers a tailored programme for students wishing to conduct their industrial / PTY / professional training placement overseas with us. Under this scheme we offer students the option to conduct their research project with us as part of the placement, as well as offering MSc and MRes opportunities for students from any University.

Placements and MRes / MSc projects are offered for periods of 1  to 10 months at any of our field sites. You can view the current suggested MRes and MSc project options here.

Joining ABC gives you a unique opportunity to work in a remote unspoilt African wilderness of Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve (VMWR), Malawi. From VMWR we conduct satellite field trips to our other research sites in Nyika and Kasungu National Parks and surrounding areas. Living in camp you will feel like you are on a permanent safari surrounded by elephants, hippos, warthogs and monkeys. Our "office" is an African paradise.

Placement students join ABC in the field research sites. You will have the opportunity to gain many new skills including field research techniques such as bat mist netting and bat handling, acoustic surveys, small mammal trapping and handling, insect trapping and habitat surveys. You can also gain lab based skills including acoustic ID, call analysis, GIS and insect pinning and processing.


  • Roosting ecology of bats
  • Bat species diversity and abundance
  • Bat genetics
  • Species specific dietary composition
  • Echolocation calls of bats
  • Human wildlife conflict

Key facts

  • Duration: 1 to 10 months (longer stays are also possible, please get in touch)
  • Requirements: age 18+, and in good health
  • Locations: Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve, Malawi (with field trips to our other research sites in Nyika and Kasungu National Parks and surrounding areas)
  • Activities: Field Research, marketing, education, community engagement: including bat mist netting and harp trapping, vegetation surveys, habitat assessments, small mammal trapping, insect trapping, data collation; Community Surveys and questionnaires
  • Arrival airport: Lilongwe International
  • Dates: We take placement students at any time of year, but we discourage start dates in the week of Christmas/New Year


The costs of your placement vary according to how long you stay and include a donation to the project. Extensions to booked placements can be arranged at the project but are subject to availability. Minimum required stay is 1 month (due to the travel time to site). If you are interested in applying for our placement programme please download the application form and email it to:


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